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At CrossFit Richmond, we understand that everyone has unique health and fitness goals and starts with different fitness levels and experiences.  This is why we offer tailored approaches in a group fitness environment to get you the results you want.

Our supportive coaches will get to know what you want and offer personalised attention in classes while our friendly community will keep you accountable and have you smiling…because working out should be fun!

Whatever your fitness objectives are – whether it’s increasing strength, learning new skills, improving cardiovascular endurance, losing weight, or simply enjoying a good sweat session – we have a program for you.

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Why do we offer trial classes?

The trial classes are a chance for you to experience firsthand how our training program can transform your fitness journey in our group classes. You’ll also get a taste of our fantastic community and facility and see why our members call it their fitness home.

Benefits of the trial classes

  • Try up to 3 classes, with all movements tailored to your needs, so you can see how our training approach will work for you
  • Meet our friendly CrossFit Richmond community
  • Leave with a smile having had a good workout

Outcomes of the trial classes

  • Understand if you are ready to jump straight into our classes or if you want to sign up to our Onboarding program to enhance your skills with three one-on-one sessions with a coach
  • Know what you want to work on and have a chat with our coaches so we can help you get there
  • Learn the ropes so you feel confidence when you join our classes

Frequently Asked Questions

To find the answer, please click on the questions below.

Is attendance at the trial class mandatory?

A trial is not mandatory. If you want to sign straight up for membership or onboarding without a trial, go for it!

Is prior experience required to attend the trial class?

No prior experience is needed. We cater for everyone’s fitness levels and experience.

Is any special equipment or gear required for the trial class?

No special equipment needed but a water bottle and towel is useful.

Is the trial class one-on-one or a group class?

Trials are done as part of our normal, group classes.

Do you tailor the trial class to my needs, or is it predetermined?

Everyone will follow the daily program. However, all movements and weights in CrossFit are tailored to the unique requirements of individuals, whether they are on trial or an ongoing member.

When are trial classes usually held?

Trials are held as part of our normal group classes and timetable so people get a taste for our great programming, coaching and community! If you have never done CrossFit before then we recommend attending a weekday class first as they tend to bit quieter and you will get lots of coaching attention.

Who will my coach be in the trial class?

You will have one of our friendly and experienced coaches guide you through our classes. We have a whole coaching team so you get to experience multiple different coaches throughout the week.

Are there any safety precautions in place during the trial class?

All classes are run by qualified coaches with current first aid certificates. Classes are coach guided to maintain safety standards.

Do I have to do onboarding if I have no CrossFit experience?

Not necessarily. Some people have relevant fitness experience and are ready to jump straight into class while others will benefit from some one-on-one sessions to learn the ropes. We suggest doing the trial sessions first to get a feel for things before deciding whether you want to do onboarding.

What's the difference between trial classes and onboarding sessions?

Trial classes give you a taste for our fantastic group classes and community, and are open to everyone. Onboarding is three structured one-on-one sessions with a coach to learn all the CrossFit movements. This is mainly for people with no CrossFit experience or anyone who wants to refresh their understanding of CrossFit.

What People Said
About Us

I would recommend this to anyone interested in getting fit and healthy. I've been to many gyms and this gym unlike other CrossFit gyms is done in a safe and motivating way.

Joel P.

Never did crossfit before joining this gym and now I can't imagine not having crossfit in my life. Adam, Kath and the fantastic coaches have taught me a lot about training, good technique and how to scale it according to my abilities. I started with little knowledge and everyone is friendly, helpful and patient.

Yuan W.

I’ve been coming here for years. Great coaching, great programming and even better community. Thanks Adam and Kath! - Ryan

Justina T.

The absolute best CrossFit programming and training I've ever received (and I've been going at this for 8+ years). The facilities are huge, there's an incredible amount of gear and machines and the other CrossFitters here just get on and get the work done in a friendly manner. At 40+ years old, I'm getting gains I never imagined possible....thank you CFR!

Jeremy W.

Fantastic system of training, the right way. Excellent tailored coaching by very caring staff. The best way to train to get results, for functional strength and fitness.

Maria G.

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