CrossFit Richmond


Foundations Program

The Fundamentals program is an important process to ensure that your start in CrossFit is both safe and effective.

There are 9 Fundamental movements that we consider crucial for you to be orientated too, before starting in the main groups.

The 2 x 1 hour in depth coaching sessions will provide you with both the confidence and competence to commence the main group timetable.

There may be gyms out there that let you start straight into the groups, but after 12 years of running a CrossFit gym, we know that there is an important first step to ensuring you get the right foundational base before being thrown into a group situation.

Our coaches will always ensure your technique is correct and you learn the right way to move before loading you with weight.

Our coaching philosophy has successfully trained thousands of people! Trust us to look after you.

Cost for the 2 x 1 hour sessions is $100 payable via our website.

Please fill in the Get Started Form so we can call you to discuss your booking prior to paying.

Membership Options

Whether you have just completed the Foundations Program or are coming to us from another Crossfit gym, we have membership options for everyone.

Our memberships are no lock in contracts and our payments are taken every 2 weeks, so all we ask for is 2 weeks notice for any suspensions, changes or cancellations

Once signed up you will enter your details into the WODIFY app and be part of the team!

Check out our membership options here

1on1 Private Coaching

Training with one of our coaches is a very different experience to training with a regular PT. Our coaches are not only CrossFit Coaches, they are Strength and Conditioning Coaches (many with degrees in Sports Science) and will coach you according to your specific training goals.

To start Personal Coaching please  send us an email via the CONTACT page, we’d be happy to answer any queries you have and arrange a training schedule with the coach of your choice.

Cost for Personal Coaching:

1 on 1 for 1 Hour = $90 (purchased in a 10 pack)

1 on 2 for 1 Hour = $110

Visiting Crossfitter

Drop-ins to CrossFit Richmond is open to all travelling athletes that have been doing CrossFit for a minimum of 3 months.

Cost is $30 for a single session

*If you want the weekly option please book in for a single drop in and once in the gym you can upgrade to the week by paying the extra $45*

Drop-in’s please book in HERE.

Membership Policy

Monthly Fees – Credit Card/Direct Debit

After completing the Fundamentals course; or coming to us with CF experience, you will be required to access our online portal to purchase your chosen membership.

Your payments will be fortnightly until you make an adjustment via emailing [email protected].

A direct debit is an automatic fortnightly deduction from a nominated bank account or credit card. Membership commences on the day you sign up (please note payments are taken over night on the sign up day)

If you are coming to us via the drop in process, your $25 drop in fee will be taken off the first fortnightly payment when you sign up to the UNLIMITED membership option. You will need to email [email protected] to request this discount and this is only valid for 2 weeks post drop in date.

If you cancel your membership, you must allow 2 weeks notice. If you fail to provide 2 weeks notice the cancellation will not be processed until the following fortnight.

Fortnightly membership costs are $122.50 for Unlimited, $107.50 3 times a week.

Ezi debit is the company we use for our retail transactions and they have their own fee to process your payment.

Please be aware Ezi Debit have an additional fee when payments are rejected or bounce. It is important you know when your payment is due (listed in your WODIFY app under finance) to avoid their fee.


In regards to PERSONAL COACHING, fees are taken up front. If suffer a permanent or long-term injury or incapacity that renders you unable to participate in Crossfit Richmond sessions for an extended period of time (greater than 4 weeks), then upon producing a medical certificate, Crossfit Richmond will refund to you the sessions you will be unable to use.
If you suffer an injury or incapacity of less than 4 weeks, your sessions will be held in credit until your return, and the minimum term adjusted accordingly.

Suspension Policy

You may suspend your Crossfit Richmond training sessions only in the event you will miss a minimum of two (2) weeks training. The suspension policy is for periods of time when you are going away or cannot attend sessions for any other reason.
You may suspend for a minimum of 14 days and a maximum of 2 months. If you require more time your membership needs to be cancelled and re-commenced when you return (if membership prices change in that time there is no honouring old membership price.
Suspensions must be notified two (2) weeks in advance in writing to [email protected]
*Suspensions will not be granted retrospectively*

People returning from a suspension need to be aware your debits will recommence. If you require a longer duration (due to injury or hold extension) you will need to contact us. We will not be held responsible for your lack of contact to our admin team for suspension extensions.

Please note that your training fees already take into account public holidays and the Xmas/Easter break when the gym is closed, but if your training is interrupted for an extended period outside these times we will gladly delay your direct debit payment until your return.