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CrossFit Richmond

How Do I Start?

Starting with CrossFit Richmond is easy, regardless of your skill, fitness or experience level. We train hard, but community is a huge part of who we are and you will find the environment very friendly and welcoming.

For new CrossFitters before entering the regular group sessions, we require that you do our Fundamentals program (please note this applies to anyone who has not been training in a CrossFit gym for more than 4 weeks).

Our fundamentals program is 2 x 1 hour sessions (please fill out new enquiry for us to call you to book in).

One coach will take a maximum of 2 people through the 9 Fundamental movements of CrossFit.

Following these 2 sessions you will feel confident to then enter into the main groups.

Cost for both sessions is $100

If you think you’d like to come and train with us, please book in today!

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